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Activate your ecosystem with ProofSpace, an interoperable identity hub wrapped with no-code tools for issuing and verifying reusable identity credentials

Build, validate and scale decentralised identity solutions involving any number of credentials and stakeholders

Start free for up to 15 Monthly Active Users

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Issue and verify trusted user data at any scale

Build, validate and scale solutions where customer data needs to be exchanged to complete a business goal, without writing any code. Use webhooks to integrate existing systems.

Create a partnership ecosystem

Create an ecosystem with your partners, supply chain, clients or franchises to enable a smooth experience for shared customers or staff.

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Third-party verification

Rely on credentials issued to a customer by a trusted partner in your ecosystem.


Goal-oriented interactions

Enable customers to achieve goals easily by interacting with multiple credentials from multiple partners.

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Marketing and referrals

Refer customers to your partners and get paid for successful conversations.

Implement sophisticated privacy controls

Always be confident that you are protecting your customer’s privacy. Peer-to-peer and consent-driven communications are wrapped with tools to configure data minimization. We are certified by ID2020 for the highest global technical and ethical standards in digital identity.

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No intermediary can track interactions between stakeholders.


Selective Disclosure

Ask customers to reveal only the part of a credential which is required to complete a transaction.


Zero-Knowledge Predicates

Ask customers to reveal that a value is true, without asking them to reveal the value itself.

Enable a decentralized community

Implement trust and governance models for decentralized communities.


Multi-level identity

Issue and or verify different trust, qualification or reputation levels.


Decentralized governance

Iteratively implement governance frameworks (schemas, trust registries, etc.) at scale to ensure transparency and trust in your ecosystem.


Enable anonymity

Implement selective disclosure and zero-knowledge predicates to preserve privacy of stakeholders while retaining high level of trust.

ProofSpace App

The user’s gateway to ProofSpace. It's more than just a secure credential wallet: a mobile App that allows users to find a service and navigate an ecosystem by following goal-oriented interactions.

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The business gateway to ProofSpace. A web-based tool for configuring the schemas, credentials, interactions, privacy controls and UI/UX for your users in the ProofSpace App.

ProofSpace Dashboard


Case Studies


ProofSpace is providing the secure decentralized ID infrastructure for a pro-democracy platform of over 1m people, with participation from European and North American Government and Non-Government Organisations.


  • ProofSpace ID verification, Social Stamps and Zero-Knowledge Predicates.

  • People participate in democratic decision-making without taking risks with personal data.

  • Forward-thinking political and community organizers connect peer-to-peer with their audience and listen to them, comfortable in the knowledge of unrivalled privacy and security.

  • More information to be revealed at launch.


Start free for up to 15 Monthly Active Users

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