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ProofSpace is the engine for better internet identity

The internet's fragmented and enterprise-centric identity architecture is strained by evolving consumer expectations and enterprise requirements.

The shift to a user-centric model of identity management is underway. The resulting user-held, reusable and verifiable identity credentials protect consumers, improve enterprise results and unlock new value from the internet.


Our founding team created ProofSpace in 2019 with a mission to enable this identity evolution.

Our Team

Our diverse team of dedicated professionals convenes around a set of values that will reflect your experience of ProofSpace​.

We are...

  • Customer-centric: ProofSpace is here today because listening to customers is in our DNA.

  • Committed: we do what we say we're going to do.

  • Substantiated: our vision is ambitious, but we only make claims we can substantiate.

  • Collaborative: we work to meet your requirements and navigate the complexity of online identity.

  • Friendly: we love getting to know the people who make ProofSpace what it is!

Our Partners

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