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Secure your service, protect your customers and increase conversion

Configure seamless customer authentication and authorization flows powered by verifiable credentials

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How your customers log-in tells a story. ProofSpace helps you tell a story about security, privacy and intuitiveness.


Our no-code platform offers modular log-in solutions, starting with SSI OAuth: a peer-to-peer single sign-on (SSO) solution. Additional ID verification and credentialing steps can plug-in to SSI OAuth, whether its verifying social accounts or full KYC/AML checks.


What is it?

OAuth 2.0 enriched with decentralized identity and verifiable credentials

Why is it better?

Single Sign-On with verifiable credentials improves ease of use and flexibility


Precise access controls enhance security


Zero-Knowledge Proofs and P2P communication enhance privacy

How does it work?

Customer scans a QR code or presses in-App button to share their verifiable credential

Verify Customer ID & Issue Reusable Credentials

Convert more customers and stop bad actors with ProofSpace Identity Verification. We can verify 7 different social accounts and 11K IDs, in over 230 countries and territories, and in 48 languages.

ProofSpace offers the fastest and easiest way to convert more users, prevent fraud, and comply with regulations.

Verification results are issued to users as verifiable credentials, reusable with selective disclosure and zero-knowledge predicates.

Privacy that keeps you and your customers safe

ProofSpace | Trusted peer-to-peer communications exclude intermediaries from personal data


Provide secure P2P communications using cryptography and blockchain

ProofSpace | Selective disclosure of credentials means users only share what's necessary

Selective Disclosure

Minimize risk and maximise customer trust by only collecting the data you need

ProofSpace | Zero-Knowledge Predicates enables verfication of a predicate without specific personal data


Apply predicates to customer data without revealing the data itself

ProofSpace | Configure data retention to meet your requirements


Minimize data-processing by deleting customer data upon verification

No-code configuration

Configure your identity verification, authentication and authorization flows without writing any code.

Meet your requirements with options for governance, verification, authorization, user experience, user messaging and more.

Reduce the effort it takes for your technical team to integrate.

Use our comprehensive Knowledge Base and asynchronous support for free.

Configure your log-in flow

Design a SSI OAuth and ID verification solution that meets your requirements

ProofSpace | Configure decentralized OAuth with ID verification steps

Integrate your systems

Use our webhooks, deeplinks, weblinks and integration marketplace

ProofSpace | Integrate seamlessly with your existing systems

Monitor your performance

Track conversions, optimize workflows and manage your team  

ProofSpace | Analyse and enhance your identity solution to improve performance

Your future identity needs are secure with our standards-compliant, feature-rich, flexible and extensible identity platform.

Communicate peer-to-peer with customers through direct messaging, use credentialing for skills or reputation attestation, implement rewards and loyalty schemes, activate an ecosystem with unlimited stakeholders...

You'll be amazed what we can do for you.

Seira Yun, Socious

"Privacy, security, and compliance are critical for our users. ProofSpace empowers us with the agility to establish decentralized IDs for our users. The robust platform and dedicated team at ProofSpace reinforce our trust."

Zeb Hastings, Seedstars

"ProofSpace accelerated our integration of decentralized ID into the Seedstars mentoring platform. Their security and privacy capabilities are critical for us and our users. The build and integration was awesome, and our users love the UX."

Udai Solanki, eRevMax

“ProofSpace got us to market with our hotel booking engine faster than expected. They take care of complex tech & standards, we keep focusing on our core business."

Start free for up to 15 Monthly Active Users

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